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The Pauer Group, a cruise specific, travel agency, was established by Randy Pauer, CTC, CLS, in November of 2006. For over 30 years, as Sales Manager for Scandinavian Airlines in the Southwest, Randy sold SAS and Scandinavia directly to corporate and leisure travel agencies and corporate accounts. In his spare time, Randy, as District Sales Manger, used his airline passes to travel the world. By doing so, he gained invaluable experience which can ONLY be gained from actual travel.

Randy has invaluable travel experience spanning over 30 years, encompassing hundreds of flights, over 45 cruises and countless land tours. He has taken in the vast diversity of cultures and tourist destinations world wide. By doing this, he is able to bring this rich experience and knowledge to his travel clients who want to experience the incredible beauty and cultural uniqueness of this great planet called Earth. Ultimately he encourages exploring this world in the comfort and convenience of luxurious cruise ships.

With the establishment of The Pauer Group, Randy continues to share this knowledge of the world with his traveling public.
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