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Australia and New Zealand

With two wonderful countries separated by the Tasman Sea, a cruise is an ideal way to visit both countries in one easy visit. Typically cruises begin in Sydney or Auckland and end in the other city. Along the way, you will make stops in the beautiful south island of New Zealand. The must do excursion in this part of New Zealand is a helicopter flight to the top of the Glaciers. Imagine flying up the glacier’s gorge and then going above the clouds to land on a beautiful field of snow and ice. This is a truly amazing journey.

On the Australian side of the Tasman, you dock in the amazing Sydney Harbor one of the most beautiful in the world. This bustling and cosmopolitan city has so much to do; you should try to spend a few extra days before of after your cruise.

Another cruise option in Australia is the round-Australia cruise. You can visit all of the major coastal cities of Australia. From Sydney to Melbourne to Perth you can see it all. This also provides you the option to visit the coral reefs along the coast of Queensland north of Sydney and Brisbane.
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