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The Caribbean is the most popular cruise destination in the world. With beautiful beaches, dozens of ports and close to home departure points, it’s not hard to understand why the Caribbean hosts the most cruise ship passengers year after year.

Cruises in the Caribbean are typically a weeklong and feature the Eastern Caribbean, Western Caribbean or Southern Caribbean itineraries. However, you can find cruises as short as 3 days and as long as 14 days. Most passengers choose the Caribbean as a sun and fun destination. Of course every island has plenty of beaches with that beautiful blue water. The Caribbean is also home of a number of unusual shore excursion. For example, in Grand Cayman you can swim with sting rays (don’t worry it is perfectly safe). Or in Belize you can ride an inner tube through an underground cave. And don’t forget snorkeling and diving on coral reefs second only to Australia.

The Caribbean is also a great place to shop for duty free bargains. St Thomas in the Eastern Caribbean and Grand Cayman in the Western Caribbean offer the most shopping options but all of the islands have plenty of places to find good deals. Whether it’s jewelry, cologne or rum cakes you can find just about anything in the Caribbean.

The most popular ports in the Eastern Caribbean include:

The most popular ports in the Western Caribbean include:

The most popular ports in the Southern Caribbean include:

Another great feature of a Caribbean cruise is the ability to leave from a close to home port. Although Miami and Fort Lauderdale are the most common departure points, there are now cruises leaving from every major port on the Gulf Coast and Atlantic Coast. On the Gulf Coast the following ports offer cruises year around or seasonally:

On the Atlantic coast you can choose from the following ports:

San Juan serves as the most common gateway for Southern Caribbean cruises. Barbados also provides an exciting departure point that allows you to extent your vacation before or after your cruise.

Private Islands are another great feature of a Caribbean cruise. Most of the major cruise lines have a private island in the Caribbean. Usually part of The Bahamas or Haiti, these islands give passengers direct access to a private beach day where every amenity is available and included in your fare. Typically, the cruise line offers lunch ashore and buying a drink is as easy as handing over your cruise card.
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