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Cruising is the perfect way to visit Europe. How else can you visit multiple historic and exciting cities and only unpack once? No need to schlep luggage all across the continent. Every night, your “hotel” moves from one exciting destination to the next. Further with the high cost of the Euro, a cruise allows you to lock in your accommodation and food costs in US dollars before you depart. European cruises typically fall into one of the following categories: Northern European cruises typically depart from Copenhagen or Stockholm and feature St Petersburg, Russia. Visiting the Hermitage and seeing one of the greatest art collection in the world is the highlight of Northern European cruises. In a typical cruise, you will also visit Finland and Estonia. Another option for Northern European cruises is visiting Norway. With stunning fiords and spectacular mountain ranges Norway is a wonderful country to visit on a cruise.

Great Britain and Ireland are another great cruise destination. Being two large islands almost the entire region can be explored by sea. From the Waterford crystal in Ireland to Scottish Celts this is a great way to see less frequented ports and get a great overview of the region.

Western Mediterranean cruises typically visit Barcelona, Rome, Monte Carlo, Nice or Florence. From exciting bustling cities to beautiful beaches, the Western Med is a great balance between culture, shopping and relaxation.

Eastern Mediterranean cruises typically visit Venice, Dubrovnik, Athens or Istanbul. From Grecian ruins to the bustling souk’s (marketplace) of Istanbul, you can visit this intersection of cultures aboard a luxury cruise ship. For the more adventurous, we sometimes find cruises to less frequented ports in Lebanon, Israel, Egypt and Libya.

River cruises are a great way to see the heart of Europe. River cruise ships are considerably smaller than ocean going vessels. They typically dock in the middle of town giving you the freedom to explore on your own on foot or by taking a guided tour. River cruises are a great way to see Europe up close. It is not uncommon to sit on deck and watch castles and vineyards pass by.
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