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Want to visit Hawaii without that long overnight flight? Cruise to Hawaii. Typically two weeks in length, Hawaii is a great place to visit via cruise ship. Not only do you get to enjoy four days at sea in each direction (perfect for relaxing and getting into an island state of mind) you also get to visit at least four different islands on a typical cruise. Most cruises visit:

If you don’t have a full two weeks to cruise, NCL has one ship based in Hawaii year around doing week long cruises through the islands. This is a US flagged ship so it is a little different than most cruise ships. There are occasionally one way cruises that start on the west coast and end in Hawaii or vice versa.

Another great way to visit the 50th state is by doing a one way cruise from Hawaii to Tahiti. Not only do you get the best of Hawaii, but you also get a few sea days and a bonus of visiting Tahiti. Don’t worry about airfare either. The Pauer Group is an expert at arranging outbound airfare to one destination and a return from a different destination.
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