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Thank you for visiting our new web site. Our web site is new, but our experience is not. We have been in the travel business for over 30 years.

Cruise vacations are our specialty accounting for over 90% of our business. Click on the links above to explore many of the wonderful and exciting destinations you can visit via cruise ship. With over a hundred ships and thousands of itineraries, The Pauer Gorup can help you find the best cruise for your interests, time and budget. From a luxurious grand European voyage to a budget party cruise in the Caribbean, please let us help you in planning your next vacation.

By using The Pauer Group, you will pay NOTHING for our services. We are paid by the cruise lines. We have clout with all of the cruise lines, and when we are representing you, our client, we will be able to get you additional "GOODIES" you would not be able to get on your own.

And, finally, we can book you on any cruise, anywhere in the world as an individual or group for NO ADDITIONAL charge. Our service to you is FREE!

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